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  • Freight classification.

    The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) created a freight classification system for all types of commodities to standardize freight pricing. This freight classification, including definitions of classes, is cataloged with National Motor Freight Classification tariff, commonly referred to as the NMFC.

    Shipping commodities are grouped into 18 freight classes between 50 and 500. Shippers and carriers use the NMFC freight classifications as a common standard when setting shipping rates.

    What is freight class based on?

    NMFC Freight classifications are based on four characteristics:

    • Density: The weight per cubic foot.
    • Freight Stowability: The length and width based on carrier mode rules.
    • Ease of Handling: Evaluation of the care involved in transporting.
    • Liability: This includes the freight price per pound, susceptibility to theft, liability to damage, breakability and perishability.

    It is imperative to accurately determine the National Motor Freight Classification of the items being shipped to avoid costly adjustments.

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