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  • Freightquote is Service + Solutions.

    Founded in 1998 by Tim Barton, Freightquote is the largest online U.S. freight shipping provider delivering a vast array of freight solutions for a large and diverse customer base. These solutions enable customers to instantly quote and compare freight rates for hundreds of U.S. freight carriers. With more than 1,000 employees nationwide and annualized revenues exceeding $600 million, we move more than one million shipments across North America per year.

  • The road we traveled.

    • 1998
      Tim Barton founded Freightquote - now one of the largest shipping companies in the USA.
    • 1999
      Website launched.
    • 2000
      Over 50 associates.
    • 2002
      Revenues topped $46 million.
    • 2004
      Revenues exceeded $86 million.
    • 2005
      Purchased Twin Modal Inc., a Minneapolis based freight shipping company. Revenues over $130 million.
    • 2007
      Purchased Rockwell Transportation, a freight shipping company located in Perkasie, PA.
    • 2009
      Launched Enterprise TMS, an innovative transportation management system that has changed how U.S. freight shipping is managed.
    • Now
      Today, we move more than 1 million shipments a year across North America and have an annualized revenue of more than $600 million.
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