Refrigerated shipping: How online freight services can assist.

Refrigerated Trucks

Summer in most parts of the United States typically means an abundance of sun and as a result, high temperatures. While sitting on a park bench and eating an ice cream cone can result in a melted mess with a simple cleanup to follow, damage done to temperature-sensitive goods as a result of the heat can be much more problematic for shippers. 

Whether you’re looking to ship perishable foods, specific types of liquids, or other temperature-sensitive freight, one thing remains constant: keeping it at its original temperature. There are many actions that can be taken to ensure a seamless refrigerated transportation process, including working with an experienced online freight service provider. 

Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways they can help you with your refrigerated shipping needs.



When looking to book a refrigerated shipment, the options don’t have to be limited. It’s not uncommon to be faced with capacity issues during peak seasons but when working with a freight service provider, you won’t have to worry about finding capable carriers. 

Successful providers have a wide array of established relationships with temperature-controlled and LTL carriers that cover the United States and much of North America. Their ability to stay on top of the market and find a truck in a hurry will keep capacity-related stress out of mind. 


Industry knowledge. 

If you work for a business that delivers temperature-sensitive products to consumers, chances are, you experience peak shipping times and tight delivery windows. Reliable online freight service providers can assist your business without you having to hire temporary or additional full-time personnel to deal with busy seasons. At this point, you may be asking, “how?” 

When working with an online freight service provider, you will have access to a team of dedicated freight professionals that will be solely devoted to your organization and industry throughout the process. These shipping experts will be able to guide you through the refrigerated shipping process to give you piece of mind and a satisfied recipient on the other end.  


Single point of contact.

When shipping with a number of different carriers, it can be exhausting calling multiple locations to get your operational questions answered. Freight service providers offer a single point of contact to provide the information you need. 

For example, Freightquote by C.H. Robinson frequently works with chocolate companies that need to get their sweets out in time for Valentine’s Day. When approached by these types of companies, we make sure to pair them with staff members that take great pride in helping people celebrate. The single point of contact will help book pickup and delivery appointments to meet the strict schedules that can presented by holidays.



Regardless of the types of goods being transported, as a shipper, you want the process to be seamless. Working with an online freight service provider will put your goods in the hands of the most reliable carriers. And on top of that, you will have the ability to track and trace your refrigerated shipments from start to finish on a single platform. These platforms also allow you to view and print documents, generate custom reports, and much more.


Final thoughts.

There are many ways to ensure your refrigerating shipping efforts are rewarded with a satisfied recipient on the other end and leveraging online freight services is just one of many tactics that should be considered. 

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