How Freightquote by C.H. Robinson can help you ship wine.

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Many people think that shipping alcohol is just like shipping anything else, but it isn’t. Freightquote by C.H. Robinson has been a key player in the wine distribution business for many years so we have gotten used to all the intricacies of the business.

We handle shipments coming off the ship and load them to our trailers to be delivered all over the country. There are many moving parts to this process and it has to be coordinated perfectly from the ship to door. 


Understanding state law.

Each state has their own laws governing how liquor can be transported to and through the state. In order to facilitate the movement of alcohol we have to be licensed in each state to know what each requires and provide the right solution so the alcohol is delivered legally and intact. Since there are such varying degrees of transportation law from state to state, we have to make sure we know the value of the shipment and whether or not the carrier we choose is the right one for the job. You would be shocked at the difference in value from shipment to shipment of alcohol!


Understanding international law.

For the past three years we have handled a project of Beaujolais Nouveau – translated to “the first grape.” The distribution date of this particular wine is the third Thursday of November, but French law does not allow the wine to leave France until the very end of October. Once it hits the port in New Jersey, we have less than a week to distribute over 1.2 million bottles of this wine throughout the U.S. The coordination of this project takes months to work out, but we are very good at it. And we are proud to say we have never missed our deadline.


That is just one example of the complexities that go along with shipping wine. Thankfully, our expertise has allowed us to form strong relationships with distributors.

If you have questions about shipping wine, or anything else for that matter, call one of our Account Representatives at 800.323.5441.

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