Grow your freight department without hiring anyone.

grow your freight department

Whether you're a small business owner, logistics manager or someone that is responsible for handling the supply chain, there is one portion of the job that is a mainstay: freight shipping. You may look at this title and think to yourself, "Okay, but what hoops do I have to jump through to get a freight department without actually hiring one?"

The only hoop you need to jump through is identifying a freight service provider you want to work with. Need further proof?

Let's take a closer look at what life is like as a small business owner or someone new to freight shipping (keeping processes in-house) and compare the process against what it would be like working with a freight shipping provider.

Getting started.

Before you can build out a successful freight department, you must first identify and hire talent. By the looks of things, this could be a difficult hurdle to overcome. According to an Inbound Logistics article, the logistics industry will generate more than 1 million new jobs in 2016, but "there is a skills gap in logistics, so recruiting proven and experienced professionals has become a priority for many companies."

You may avoid this hurdle altogether if you decide to work with a freight shipping provider and gain access to a team of experts. Freight shipping providers typically attract and hire the most talented individuals in the freight shipping industry.

Weighing shipping options.

Sometimes new freight shippers, and even seasoned shippers, need help determining what option is best for their freight. You may typically ship via LTL, but it's possible obtaining a volume LTL quote or moving the freight as a partial truckload may benefit your freight budget and bottom line.

When you work with a freight service provider, you have experts to help guide your decisions. They'll consider what option is best for your shipment and find you a competitive rate within their network of multiple contract carriers. Their recommendation is based on what your business needs, whether that is cost savings, fast transit or impeccable service.

Managing day-to-day operations.

When managing freight on a daily basis, you will likely have to find out where a truck is from time to time. Additionally, you may have particular needs on a per-shipment basis that need communicated.

Working with a freight service provider, you will always have someone to call in times of need. This primary point of contact is dedicated to you. They are a freight industry expert and work to become knowledgeable of your business as well. They will also take some of the hassles out of freight, like shipment tracking, and stay in communication with you.

Fulfilling business needs and realizing savings.

As a small business owner, or a business owner in general, you are always looking for ways to cut back on costs and time dedicated to projects while increasing productivity. However, as a small business, you may think large companies that can rely on their global network of land, sea and air resources navigate the world of freight shipping more easily, and you may be right. But, just because they have the resources available internally doesn't mean you can't keep pace.

By working with a freight service provider, you will be fulfilling your need for a freight shipping department of your own and have a better chance of evening the playing field with access to competitive rates, dedicated freight professionals and technological solutions that may otherwise capsize your budget.

And, most importantly, you will realize soft savings by freeing your time in freight management, giving you the freedom to focus on the other responsibilities of being a small business owner.

Final thoughts.

You don't need to break the bank or become the big fish to swim among the giants, and it is possible to grow your freight department without hiring anyone.

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