Freight tracking's role in sustaining a strong bottom line.

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For small business shippers, every advantage from exceptional customer service to consistent communication with carriers could mean a boost to the bottom line. A well-managed freight tracking process is an effective way to provide the visibility required for businesses to keep their products on the move and customers satisfied.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2017 “Utilities, Shipping, and Healthcare Report” customers give businesses the highest marks -- on a scale of 1 to 100 -- for delivering packages in good condition (with a rating of 88) and how easy it is to track shipments (86). Timeliness of delivery also remains a top priority for customers (85).

Customers are not the only aspect of the shipping process that small businesses should be worried about, however. Big box retailers are now adding pressure to the situation by issuing fines if shipments arrive late or early, which will now add a few more checkmarks to the list of to-dos for small businesses.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is then important to also have a good understanding of the benefits and technology behind freight tracking before you select a solution for your business. Tracking your freight can provide insight into how to simplify the process, strengthen your relationship with customers, eliminate inefficiencies and more.


Selecting the right freight tracking solution.

Choosing which freight tracking solution is right for your business is going to require some time and careful consideration.

When making this decision, it is best to partner with a freight service provider. A freight service provider is an extremely useful resource for connecting your business with the correct carriers. Depending on the size and nature of the freight, a provider will match you with the carrier best fit for the job. They will also give you an extra sense of security by decreasing the chance of error during the shipping process.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is finding a solution that provides your business with access to industry experts and documentation. Freight tracking experts will be able to provide you with insight into industry trends and issues, which can certainly ramp up the bottom line. This will also make the overall process run much more smoothly for you, the carrier and eventually, the customer.

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Benefits of freight tracking.

Plenty of customers take shipping into account before they make a purchase. A large part of what makes a shipping experience a good one is transparency.
Freight tracking allows the shipper to see where the freight is and communicate with the carrier. Shippers can then get a better estimate of how long their shipment will take to be picked up, be transported, arrive at the intended destination and whether or not they can expect delays along the way.
From there, it becomes much easier for shippers to alert customers as to where their shipment is. Having an up-to-the-minute, transparent conversation going will ultimately play a key role in shippers creating a positive experience for their customers.


Access to a transportation management system.

A transportation management system (TMS) is a software that stores shipping information and also provides tracking capabilities. A TMS is designed to save shippers time and money through useful benefits such as simplifying the carrier selection process or making important routing decisions.
The data reports that a TMS produces can be used to identify inefficiencies in the shipping process and help improve business. Instead of stressing over several invoices to create and evaluate, a TMS will store all information in one place for easy access.
From there, custom reports can be created and analyzed to eliminate discrepancies in rates, final invoices, and other aspects of the overall shipping process. When partnering with Freightquote by C.H. Robinson, you will be able to work with freight experts to ensure that these reports are perfectly tailored to your business and utilized to the best of their abilities.


Final thoughts.

Putting a freight tracking solution in place will provide your small business with a multitude of advantages to help you maintain a strong and substantial bottom line. With the help of a transportation management system, businesses can better refine, manage and improve how they carry out the shipping process.


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