Freight shipping by the numbers: 5 amazing infographics.

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Freight shipping information can be overwhelming but visuals offer an alternative way to sort through it. Infographics are a great tool to aid those that prefer information organized in a visual manner, compiling data and graphics together.

Freight shipping has ancient origins that evolved to where we are today. Be on the lookout for a forthcoming freight shipping infographic from Freightquote by C.H. Robinson that will illustrate the process of getting things from here to there through the years.

The pending release of our infographic had us thinking about all the interesting things that are unique to the freight shipping industry. So we found five infographics that showcase the world of freight shipping to share.


What would happen without running trucks?

If trucks came to a screeching halt, there would be many consequences. Within 24 hours of trucks stopping, there would be a lack of basic supplies at hospitals and just-in-time manufacturing shortages. In only two weeks, the clean water supply would dry up. Learn more about the repercussions of stopped trucks in the infographic below.

If Trucks Stopped


Get to know the American truck driver.

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, about 400 billion miles each year to be exact. With all those miles and all that time logged, some drivers turn to satellite radio and audio books while driving. When they aren't behind the wheel, drivers take two breaks at truck stops per day where they spend an average of 3.9 hours. Discover more facts about truck drivers in this infographic.

The American trucker at a Glance Fun Fact


Trucking industry basics.

Here, we look at some interesting trucking statistics. The industry is huge with its 15.5 million trucks on the road. If all of them were stacked end to end, they would reach the moon. For those trucks, there are about 3.5 million truck drivers. These significant numbers display how impactful trucking truly is. See more fascinating trucking facts in the infographic below.

American Trucker


Trucking's impact on the U.S. economy.

The U.S. economy heavily relies on freight shipping and the proof is in the numbers. In 2012 alone, trucks transported 9.4 billion tons of freight, which is 68.5 percent of all domestic shipments. The shipping sector is a big part of our daily lives, with 6.9 million people hired to work in trucking-related industries. Trucking's role is essential to the survival of our economy, bringing in $642.1 billion in gross freight related revenues. Look closer at trucking's role in the economy in the infographic below.

Trucking role in the US Economy


Women Truckers.

Trucking's popularity has been on the rise with females. The interest among women has increased about 1.5 percent over a three-year span. Wyoming has shown the most trucking employment inquiries from women while Massachusetts has shown the least. It is important for the freight shipping industry to note the increased interest from women so their recruiting efforts can include this growing demographic. See how the interest has increased in the infographic below.

women in trucking


Final thoughts.

We hope you've enjoyed this collection of freight shipping infographics. Keep an eye out for Freightquote's infographic, which will cover the soon!


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