ELD mandate essentials: What you need to know.

ElD mandate affects drives
Out with the old and in with the new. The ELD mandate’s start date is right around the corner and most drivers will be required to ditch their paper logs for electronic logging devices (ELDs). While the mandate may cause confusion for carriers, it also presents opportunities to improve safety and efficiency. 


When does the ELD mandate take effect?

The FMCSA’s ELD mandate goes into effect December 18, 2017. All trucks must comply with this mandate, but if a carrier’s fleet is already using an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD)—or implements one before December 18, 2017, they will have an additional two years to comply.


Why is the FMSCA implementing the ELD mandate?

Implementing ELDs will prevent an estimated 26 deaths per year – all while the industry saves more than $1 billion a year on paperwork alone. 


How much will the ELD mandate cost carriers?

Equipping a truck with an ELD could exceed $500 per year. However, FMCSA has created a path for smartphone apps to serve as compliant ELDs (when they interface with the truck through a cable), reducing the financial burden for carriers and greatly simplifying installation.


How will the ELD mandate impact the way carriers and shippers do business?

Supply chains will need to get smarter, team drives may get more attractive, and there’s a chance for reduced carrier capacity. In short, shipping rates are likely to increase. As a result, freight service providers may become even more essential, helping solve capacity shortages and find the best rates available. 


What comes next?

Read our comprehensive whitepaper (link below) for an in-depth look at how the ELD mandate will impact you and the industry. The mandate is still several months away from going into effect, but getting a jump-start to compliance can prevent challenges down the road.

 ELD Mandate