Learn what factors shape freight shipping capacity.

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The trucking industry is subject to frequent economic fluctuations and legal regulations. As a result, freight shipping capacity varies and shippers are left having to navigate their way through the changes. Recent industry trends and regulations have caused capacity to shrink, thus shaping how businesses and individuals ship their freight and at what cost. 

Understanding the driving factors behind these major changes allows shippers like you to be proactive in adjusting your processes, making shipping easier while also managing expectations for every party involved. 

Check out this infographic that outlines the top five factors driving freight shipping capacity changes and provides solutions that will help get your freight on the road.


 5 factors shaping shipping capacity

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Final thoughts.

Now that you’ve read through the driving factors behind freight shipping capacity changes, have you noticed any in your own shipping experiences? Perhaps your shipping practices need to adjust to address the changing industry. At Freightquote, we strive to serve customers with the best shipping options available that help keep costs down and your customers happy. Learn more about our shipping services. 


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