20+ Twitter profiles to follow for logistics and freight shipping news.

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The way we consume daily news has certainly changed in the new millennium. While we used to rely on the 6 o'clock news and morning paper to keep us up to speed, we now have 365/24/7 access through online news channels, blogs and of course, Twitter. Twitter's brief micro-blog approach and ease of mobile sharing enables users to post and follow news, making it one of the most popular sources of current events we have today.

However, with 288 million monthly active users, it may be difficult to decipher the most informative freight shipping and logistics accounts to follow, even for those of us in the industry. With this in mind, we've composed a list of 20+ Twitter profiles, ranging from industry influencers to publications, that will help keep you in tune with the most up to date freight shipping and logistics news.


1. Handy Shipping Guide.

Handle: @HandyShipping

Bio: "For International Freight News, Opinion and Shipping Updates"

Why It's Valuable: With frequent updates on international freight shipping news, you're guaranteed to get the latest information. It serves as an information-only account though, so you should not expect a reply.



2. Transport Topics.

Handle: @TransportTopics

Bio: "The Newspaper of Trucking and Freight Transportation"

Why It's Valuable: With over 19,000 followers, this account is used as a resource for many in the freight shipping industry to stay up to date with the latest headlines. Unique truck photos make the account fun.


3. Heavy Duty Trucking.

Handle: @HDTrucking

Bio: "The editorial staff of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, the fleet business authority."

Why It's Valuable: This trucking magazine's Twitter account has just over 16,000 followers, shares relevant news, and engages with other users. If you're looking for a sense of humor intermixed into your freight shipping news, this account is one to follow.



4. JOC.com.

Handle: @JOC_Updates

Bio: "The must subscribe to information portal for international container shipping & logistics. Register for 5 free articles every month: http://www.joc.com/socialregs"

Why It's Valuable: With a solid 18,000 followers, this account frequently posts international shipping and logistics news, and shares insight from other industry experts. This account not only reports the latest news, but does so with plenty of pictures and graphics to liven up your shipping news.



5. Supply Chain Digital.

Handle: @SupplyChainD

Bio: "SupplyChainDigital provides news, info and events for supply chain executives. Tweets by @SupplyChainD."

Why It's Valuable: Original content from industry leaders along with fun tweets and photo updates make Supply Chain Digital one of the best out there.



6. Truck Matters.

Handle: @trkmatters

Bio: "Latest news and commentary on the #trucking industry. Interested in connecting with drivers throughout the world. Information is power stay informed!"

Why It's Valuable: This account provides insight into the trucking industry by sharing the latest news throughout the day. The Truck Matters account provides plenty of thought-provoking pieces all while sharing the most up-to-date information.



7. Transport. 4 America.

Handle: @T4America

Bio: "An alliance of elected, business & civic leaders from across the country leading the way for smart transportation investments in our towns, cities and suburbs."

Why It's Valuable: This account combines the efforts of several experts in the transportation industry and offers constant relevant news. The voice of this account is invaluable insight from a mix of different transportation leaders as they share stats and fun pictures throughout the day.

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8. Transport Today.

Handle: @Transport2day

Bio: "Transport Today collects the latest news about today’s transport industry for you. Therefore, we scan a lot of sources every day. Follow us!"

Why It's Valuable: This account primarily monitors transportation sources and shares the most relevant news on a daily basis. While the account is mostly informational, they do a nice job of scouring the web for the latest industry info.

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9. Port Technology Int.

Handle: @PortTechnology

Bio: "Port Technology International is a quarterly technical journal and online news hub. We tweet about global ports, terminals and container shipping."

Why It's Valuable: This account proves to be a thought leader in shipping. It has about 10,000 followers and shares both original content and news from other industry experts. The best part is your newsfeed will be given life with the frequent pictures they share.


10. CDLLife.

Handle: @CDL_Life

Bio: "CDLLife is a website for #truckers featuring #trucking #news, #health tips, #technology and more! Connect with us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/cdllife"

Why It's Valuable: CDL Life is known to give relevant information on the industry but also provides health tips and technology news for its followers.



11. Cargo Business News.

Handle: @CargoBusiness

Bio: "Cargo Business News media and events: Tools for the Transport Trade"

Why It's Valuable: Frequent updates with the most up-to-date transportation news makes this account one to watch. Similar to some of the other accounts, Cargo Business doesn't offer much engagement but the content they share is worth watching.


12. TransportStatsVerified.

Handle: @TransportStats

Bio: "Bureau of Transportation Statistics -Federal source for transportation numbers"

Why It's Valuable: This account with a strong following of 10,000, provides the latest headlines in the transportation world. If you are more of a visual learner, this account is for you. They throw in plenty of graphs to go along with the stats they provide.


13. Overdrive Magazine.

Handle: @OverdriveUpdate

Bio: "Overdrive, the Voice of the American Trucker, serves owner-operators"

Why It's Valuable: Get insight into the American trucker. Overdrive is not only active on Twitter but frequently shares information on Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope so you can get all of your trucking news on multiple social platforms.


14. Anthony FoxxVerified.

Handle: @SecretaryFoxx

Bio: "The official Twitter feed of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation."

Why It's Valuable: The verified account of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and its strong following of 70,000, make this a big contender for top Twitter account. Secretary Foxx gives the account a personal feel by engaging with his followers and even sharing news outside of the transportation world.

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15. Joe Bonney.

Handle: @JosephBonney

Bio: "senior editor, The Journal of Commerce"

Why It's Valuable: As the senior editor of "the must subscribe to information portal for international container shipping & logistics," this account is mostly news dissemination. That being said, Joe does a nice job RT'ing and sharing information from other industry influencers.

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16. American Shipper.

Handle: @AmericanShipper

Bio: "American Shipper is the b-to-b media covering global logistics."

Why It's Valuable: This account frequently shares original content along with content from other freight shipping experts. American Shipper will keep you up to speed with logistics news from all over the world.

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17. Truckers News.

Handle: @truckersnews

Why It's Valuable: This account of 10,000 followers frequently offers the latest news and re-tweets content from other industry leaders. They also do a good job of sharing live photos from conferences and tradeshows.


18. The Trucker.

Handle: @TruckerTalk

Bio: "Official Twitter page for The Trucker, America’s MOST read and respected trucking industry publication! Find us in any TA or Petro stopping location nationwide!"

Why It's Valuable: The account for the country's most read trucking publication shares news, engages with followers and includes humor in their posts. All great things to have in your feed.

The Trucker


19. American Trucking.


Bio: "American Trucking Associations is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation's freight. Trucking: Moving America Forward."

Why It's Valuable: This account is considered to be a valuable resource by freight experts as it enables individuals to stay in touch with the latest news. Their videos are a nice alternative to the standard text updates we normally see.



20. Inbound Logistics.

Handle: @ILMagazine

Bio: "Inbound #Logistics is an educational #supplychain resource for businesses seeking to better match demand to supply and orient operations to support that shift."

Why It's Valuable: This account has a following of about 28,000 and users can expect relevant industry news to be delivered to their feed on a daily basis. This publication's account will often share thought-provoking pieces and drive user engagement by asking for input through surveys.

Inbound logistics cover


21. Freightquote by C.H. Robinson.

Handle: @Freightquote

Bio: "Freightquote, a division of @CHRobinsonInc, offers freight shipping services and instant quotes online. Call us at 800-323-5441. #freight #freightshipping #LTL"

Why It's Valuable: This account strives to present quality news pieces within the industry to keep shippers informed. Freightquote often shares info and pictures of different work events they're part of - giving followers an exclusive look at the company.

fq cube logo


Final thoughts.

This is our small list, but there are many more profiles that share relevant freight shipping and logistics news. Let us know who we missed! Who would you add to the list? We'd like to hear your feedback or tweet us your favorites @Freightquote


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