Girls on the run of greater Kansas City selected for support by Freightquote employees.

Discovering outside organizations that our employees are passionate about is important to us. With input from the whole Freightquote team, we chose Girls on the Run of Greater Kansas City (GOTRKC), an Independent Council of Girls on the Run International, as one of the nonprofit organizations we would support. GOTRKC’s ultimate mission is to activate each girls’ immeasurable potential in life and to encourage her to chase her aspirations.

Girls on the Run eventThis past May, we volunteered and ran with the girls in their annual 5k. This event takes place to celebrate the girls’ hard work throughout the season. With face painting, colored hairspray, crown-making and a DJ, the event is filled with enthusiasm. We were there to pass out medals at the finish line and congratulate each girl on their hard work this season. We plan to participate in the fall 5k this year as well.

We have several associates involved with this nonprofit, including Renee Weilbaker, who has coached girls in the program and served as a mentor for over 10 seasons, along with contributing as a board member for 4 years. Our Vice President of Operations, Douglas Grojean, has also supported the organization for several years. He recently shared, “I witnessed the results of this program when my daughter enrolled and completed it a couple years ago. Watching all the participants finish the run and observing their sense of achievement was remarkable. 

“Our Freightquote team wanted to get involved and the race provided a great opportunity. We assembled a large group of employees to volunteer, and everyone agreed the optimism exuded by the girls was truly uplifting.”

GOTRKC nurtures 3rd through 8th graders throughout a 10-week program and helps over 4,000 girls in the Kansas City area each year. 

Girls on the Run event

The girls meet twice a week with coaches, or “SoleMates,” to learn about healthy-eating, body image, how to make good friends, gratitude, gossip and bullying and negative self-talk. The program incorporates running and games to teach the girls to embrace themselves, define who they want to be and accept any challenge. 

The mission of GOTRKC is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.” We proudly advance their mission by providing financial and volunteer support. By raising awareness locally about the program, we can help more girls with the confidence and spirit they need to obtain the dreams they set out to achieve. Empowering young girls is the real success of the program.


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