Corporate challenge champions 4 years running.

KCCC Freightquote

This year marked Kansas City Corporate Challenge’s (KCCC) 37th annual event. 2016 was also Freightquote’s fourth consecutive first place win in Division B! The Olympic-style event invites corporations in the Kansas City metro to compete against one another in events like track, swimming, softball and golf. KCCC seeks to promote health with an event that challenges the bodies and minds of participants through corporate competition.

Corporate Challenge KC FreightquoteWe are a proud sponsor of KCCC and nearly 200 of our coworkers participate each year. The games are a perfect match with the culture of fun and competition we have here. They are a great way to network with other companies in the Kansas City area, while also building internal morale. We love to cheer on our team!

The past 4 years, our associates Renee Weilbaker and Jenny Dorsey have coordinated the KCCC events. “The games give us a sense of teamwork and help people from different departments interact,” Weilbaker said. “I love asking people to participate in events they are not comfortable with at first. It makes me very proud to watch someone complete something for the first time and be successful. To watch the pride they have in themselves for finishing the event makes all the hard work worth it.”  Corporate Challenge KC Freightquote

This year there were 220 companies that competed for 10 weeks. Nine division winners were crowned after participating in 29 events. Our coordinator Jenny Dorsey discusses the swimming competition, “The winning time for the 200-yard freestyle in Corporate Challenge would have placed in the Olympic Games this year…now there is probably some advantage to swimming in a 25 meter pool… but I still thought that was pretty cool. While most people are not competing at Olympic level, you see all types of athletes, and it’s inspiring.”

We celebrate the collaboration, camaraderie, networking and team building KCCC provides and with each event, our competitive and hardworking nature is displayed, proudly. We hope to make next year our fifth win in Division B!

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