10 Most Common Freight Shipping Questions

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The freight shipping process can appear complex on the surface, especially to first time shippers. While we all wish shipping freight could be as simple as sending a message in a bottle, the reality is, there are a number of regulations and processes in place to ensure valuable freight is safely delivered to its final destination. In this list, we’ve put together 10 of the most common freight shipping questions to help clear the air and simplify the process from start to finish. Continue reading 10 Most Common Freight Shipping Questions


Holiday Freight: Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

Pine TreeIt’s that time of year again where you can find a real Christmas tree for sale on almost every street corner. From the Boy Scouts and local churches to national hardware stores and large retailers, fresh, green trees are in abundance. But have you ever wondered how all these trees find their way to your town?

For many years, Freightquote has been called upon by some of the nation’s largest tree farms to transport the holiday essential all over the nation. Most of these farms are located in Oregon, Washington, California and North Carolina. They use our services because we understand what it takes to move a load like this. Shipping real trees by truckload is difficult to cover, with a lot of carriers simply refusing to move them. Trees are best moved by dry van or a refrigerated truck. Flatbed trucks should be avoided, as well as a shipment with three or more pickups and/or deliveries scheduled. We also make sure there will be delivery assistance for the driver so they aren’t stuck unloading up to 40,000 lbs. of Christmas trees by themselves. Not doing this would definitely get us on the naughty list!

Overall, we are proud of the work we do every year to ensure trees are delivered on time and in good shape. These seasonal shipments have landed all over the country. Who knows – maybe the tree in your home was transported by one of our contract carriers. Regardless, we hope you enjoy this holiday season and all the joy it delivers.


Freightquote, Old Hickory Bat Company and Roadrunner Play Real Life Moneyball

In the hit movie Moneyball, Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, is portrayed as one of the best general managers in baseball because he successfully replaced marquee baseball stars with unheralded players who had reputations for working hard and getting the job done.

When Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s recently needed a rush supply of baseball bats they turned to Old Hickory Bat Company to come through in a pinch. Old Hickory Bats, who is a major supplier of baseball bats to organized baseball teams, went through the Freightquote online booking process and selected Roadrunner Transportation to handle this important shipment.

The A’s, who happened to be in the middle of a heated pennant race, needed the bats delivered the Tuesday after Labor Day as they faced the Los Angeles Angels that night. The problem was the bats were not scheduled to be available for delivery until late Tuesday. In a panic, the A’s contacted the Freightquote LTL logistics team who worked directly with Roadrunner Transportation to figure out a solution. Roadrunner terminal employee, Tom Kelly, ended up putting a load of bats in a rental truck and, with the help of another terminal employee, made the delivery to the Oakland A’s in time for Tuesday afternoon batting practice. “We simply needed to make it happen!” said Kelly when asked about the success of the timely shipment.

People say baseball is the ultimate team sport and Freightquote, Old Hickory Bats and Roadrunner definitely worked together like champions to help out the A’s. At Freightquote we call that true moneyball.


At Freightquote, We Have a Taste for Wine.

Many people think that shipping alcohol is just like shipping anything else, but it isn’t. Freightquote has been a key player in the wine distribution business for many years so we have gotten used to all the intricacies of the business. We handle shipments coming off the ship and load them to our trailers to be delivered all over the country. There are many moving parts to this process and it has to be coordinated perfectly from the ship to door. Each state has their own laws governing how liquor can be transported to and through the state. In order to facilitate the movement of alcohol we have to be licensed in each state to know what each requires and provide the right solution so the alcohol is delivered legally and intact. Since there are such varying degrees of transportation law from state to state, we have to make sure we know the value of the shipment and whether or not the carrier we choose is the right one for the job. You would be shocked at the difference in value from shipment to shipment of alcohol!

For the past three years we have handled a project of Beaujolais Nouveau – translated to “the first grape.” The distribution date of this particular wine is the third Thursday of November, but French law does not allow the wine to leave France until the very end of October. Once it hits the port in New Jersey, we have less than a week to distribute over 1.2 million bottles of this wine throughout the U.S. The coordination of this project takes months to work out, but we are very good at it. And we are proud to say we have never missed our deadline.

That is just one example of the complexities that go along with shipping wine. Thankfully, our expertise has allowed us to form strong relationships with distributors. If you have questions about shipping alcohol, or anything else for that matter, visit us at Freightquote.com or call one of our Account Representatives at 800.323.5441.


Freight Shipping: Peak Season Shipping Tips

Historically, this is the time the freight shipping industry is hitting its traditional peak season, which starts in September, kicks into high gear in October and winds down during the first week of November. Peak season means there is much more freight available to carriers, who can be selective in getting the right freight and right price for their loads. Most of peak season is caused by manufacturers wanting their products in stores to supplement holiday inventory, however other industries simply have high freight needs during the fall.

Current national survey data shows that manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are generally carrying fewer inventories going into this fall, meaning the potential for demand surprises are high. Though concerns about the economy may exist, speculation among the freight industry is that we will still have a strong peak season.

Peak Season Shipping Tips

Plan Ahead. With manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers all needing to ship during peak season capacity can be a concern. The more advance notice a shipper can provide will ensure carrier availability and a successful shipment, resulting in less stress.

Consider multiple vendors vs. single source. While relying on one provider can provide a seamless shipping process, it also limits options and contingencies. Using multiple carriers provides for more options, especially if the manufacturing line is behind or there are other unforeseen challenges. Multiple carriers may also allow for better transit options in certain areas.

Don’t forget Cyber Monday. Most of the traditional peak freight is built around retail’s biggest day – Black Friday, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving, but they neglect Cyber Monday. More consumers continue to buy products online so make sure to provide for cyber customers by considering fulfillment, or 3rd party warehousing as part of your supply chain.

How Freightquote Helps During Peak Season

Offering multiple carriers. Our system allows you to optimize a carrier by shipping lane. Not only will you know you are getting the most competitive rate, but you can also make sure carriers are moving your freight efficiently.

Product Rollout. This is the season that manufacturers and electronics companies introduce holiday products. Use us and take advantage of our bid project software for a turnkey solution to deliver your new products. This customized software allows you to leverage all the Freightquote carriers to give you the best possible price for your project shipments.

Giving you quality customer service. Our customer service is staffed from 7a.m. to 7p.m. central time during peak season to get you the answers you need.

Extending special services. Discussing your peak season shipping demands with a Freightquote Account Manager will allow us to utilize other services to ensure a successful shipping season. Expedited and window deliveries are examples of products our team can arrange.


How To Ship

Freightquote.com has now announced the arrival of their new how to ship section which encompasses loads of information about shipping, how to ship, and how to ship freight. It features detailed information about Bill of Ladings, Hazmat (Hazardous materials), shipping tips, freight class and freight density. These new pages have helped viewers gain a more understanding of freight and how to ship freight. Freightquote anticipates adding even more information to this section to better help their surfers and customer gain the knowledge they need to be experts in freight shipping.