• Help using Freightquote.com.
    Tracking shipments.

    Freightquote.com provides shipment tracking, including in-transit shipment events. These events include pickups, stop-offs and delivery. Track the following:

    Where to track shipments.

    Shipments can be tracked in the Track section of My Account. The most recent freight shipment will appear automatically. Historical shipments can be found and viewed by entering any of the following:

    • Shipment number or bill of lading number
    • Pro number
    • PO number
    • Shipment reference number
    • By date range of pick up

    Track shipments from one location.

    The Track section is a single point of reference for everything related to a single shipment. Check the status of a shipment, confirmations, in-transit notices and view shipping documents in this section. Documents include:

    • Bill of lading
    • Quote summary
    • Original invoice
    • Proof of delivery
    • Lumper receipt
    • Weight ticket

    Single shipments can be tracked without logging into Freightquote.com. Simply click the Track Shipment icon at the top of any page and enter a Freightquote.com shipment number or the bill of landing number.