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Using Address Book & Product Catalog

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    Address Book & Product Catalog.

    Freightquote allows quick freight quoting by offering a simplified freight management solution that provides an easy way to oversee shipping location addresses and shipped product information.

  • Address Book.

    The Address Book allows users to automatically store location information for every shipment when setting up and quoting a shipment. This helpful tool can be accessed throughout the quote-and-book process when locations are required. The Address Book can be updated and managed in the My Account section of

    Addresses are automatically stored for later use when users are quoting or shipping freight. However, users can manage their locations inside the Address Book at any time.

  • Product Catalog.

    The Product Catalog allows users to store product information for frequently shipped items, making shipment set up and freight quoting faster and more accurate. Users can add products as they ship them or load all their product information in at one time.

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